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INTERVIEW: Wendy Randall

Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. As you can see there are previous interviews we like to include pictures of the athlete and video if possible, if you could either link us to some images and/or videos you want us to use or provide them yourself that would be great. Thanks you again for your time.

01           Can you introduce yourself to our readers? (Name, Age etc.)
My name is Wendy Randall. I am 16 years old, born in May 1997.

02           Have you always been a fitness fanatic or was there something that made a change?

In all honesty, it’s been a rocky road. As a child I was morbidly obese. My highest weight was 175lbs with my body fat at 30.4% when I was just 11 years old. I hated sport and exercise but I loved food. I have more recently found out that my doctor told my mother that I would be dead before the age of 45 if I continued the way I was. But with many thanks to my family and a personal trainer (who is actually now a close family friend), I was able to transform my life.

It was spring 2009 when I met this personal trainer. I began training in the comfort of my own home three to four times per week with her. She helped me with my diet, taught me how to control calories and make healthier choices.

Within 18 months I went from an adult size 18 weighing 175lbs, to a normal size 12, weighing in at 136lbs. I was finally the same size as my friends and school and I wasn’t being bullied anymore. But then things took a turn for the worst just 6 months later. I was faced with some real struggles and being just 13 I couldn’t cope. I suffered with mild depression and I turned to food as a comfort. Over the space of about 12 months I gained back nearly 2 stone, now weighing 162lbs. By the time October (2011) came, I realised how much weight I had gained. My mum was getting the personal trainer back for herself but this was a negative trigger for me to diet.

My innocent diet to lose that two stone I had regained turned into something quite aggressive and in November 2012 I was officially diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. I would take excessive amounts of laxatives and diet pills desperate to lose weight, even though I was only weighing in at about 8 stone. I would consume on average 250 calories (on a good day); I’d also exercise excessively to burn off anything I ate, plus more.

In June 2013 everything changed for me. I discovered bodybuilding. I received proper help off of a pro female bodybuilder; she set me up with a diet and a training plan for me to follow. She phoned me regularly and I saw her every week. Before I knew it I was in love with the sport. I was enjoying food again and was beginning to recover and fight back the anorexia. 

03           When did you start working out?

As a bodybuilder, I officially started in June 2013. As my recovery progressed, so did my training. By August I was much more into it and I was eating sufficient calories and my training had advanced considerably. 

04           Please tell us about your regular workout routine.
It does vary but typically I will do 45 to 60 minutes of cardio in the morning before breakfast. Being a full time student, I then attend college, usually finishing between 4 and 6pm. After this I will go back to the gym and complete my lifting routine. However, if I do not do my cardio in the morning I will do it in the evening after I weight train.

I split my days into specific muscle groups. For example: back/chest/arms/shoulders and traps/quads/hamstrings, gluteus and claves (abs and oblique’s everyday). This is what I do six days a week. Sunday is my regular rest day.

05           Who do you take inspiration from? Can you name 3 female celebrities whose physiques you respect?

I can’t say I look up to any celebrities for inspiration as they all seem to be promoting fad diets and mostly, unhealthy body types to young girls. My real inspirations are women like Dana Linn Bailey.

06           Do you do any sports? Could you tell us a little about that?

Most wouldn’t consider it a sport but it is, I am a bodybuilder training to enter women’s physique in the coming years. I hope to enter my first competition later this year in juniors.

07           What are your favourite TV shows?

I don’t particularly watch television, when I do it’s usually the news.

08           Do you feel that there is beginning to be a change in the media’s image of the female body and is that change for the better?

I have seen more recent changes in attitude. “strong is the new skinny” is a phrase i often see now but I can’t say I think the media is changing, this isn’t something magazines promote. They seem to only post bad photos of celebrities making negative comments on their size and other aspects of their appearance.

09           Do you have a special message for your new fans on the blog?

                All I can say is if there is something you love and enjoy then do it. Ignore what anyone else says about it, follow your dreams and you will succeed. Give everything you do 100%. I often get told I can’t be a bodybuilder and not take steroids, yet I’m doing it. People will always try to put you down but you are in charge of your own happiness.

10           Have you got any favourite bands and if so who are they?

I personally love Eminem. His music is what I listen to when I train.
11           Does your training regime leave you enough time for leisure such as non-athletic hobbies, going out etc? If so what else do you like to do?

My training does take up a lot of time, along with the preparation i have to do such as preparing my meals, planning my training etc. But saying that I do get free time, I just choose to use this time for relaxing or doing my own personal research into bodybuilding. In addition to this, I am a fulltime college student who also works so I do keep busy, not often going out but if the opportunity comes up, I do have time and am able to enjoy leisurely activities.

12           Tell us about your online presence.

I have a page on twitter which was previously for me to cope with recovery. I now use this page to promote health, bodybuilding, recovery, positivity, good attitude and healthy eating.
I have a page on instagram where I do the same.

I also have an email which is open for people to contact me if they are in need of help or advice in anything from training to ED recovery.

I am looking to make a facebook page in future if there is enough interest.

Twitter: @Pinkhulkk
Instagram: @Pinkkhulkk
Email: pinkhulkk@hotmail.co.uk

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