Monday, 24 December 2012


Be careful when you unwrap this present it is so hot it is likely to singe your fingers.

Here ladies and gentlemen we have Bella Falconi is a fitness model and all around gift to anyone who appreciates a toned form. You can find her Facebook fan page here you should visit her page and leave nice comments too many trolls on there who don't appreciate muscle on women. Anyway let's keep this positive I have included a video and some photos so you can see for yourself how amazing she is.

So in short Season's Greetings from us here at SEXY FEMALE ABS

I hope things work out for you and your projects. For me I am hoping to lose some weight after all there is no point lusting after fitness models when you're overweight I need to make an effort.

Monday, 10 December 2012

5 Favourite ZOMG Ab Shots

So I've been running this blog for a few years now collecting pictures of fabulous female abs from all over the Interwebz often driving myself half nuts because up until recently finding those images was a bit of a nightmare. I have gathered over 500 images and I aim to gather more so keep checking back for updates. So after all that gathering I thought I would highlight the top 5 sets of abs that had me picking my jaw off the ground.So in no particular order let's take a look shall we.

So tell me what do you think about my choices?

Sexy Female Abs


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