Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Unfortunately yours truly is taking a break from producing content for this blog for at least two weeks. You may well ask why and I will tell you after chasing down leads I managed to secure three (count them three) women who voiced interest in being interviewed for the blog. I explained to them what this would entail and then took some time and came up with individual interview questions for each took time out of my day to arrange online meetings with some of them only for the emails containing the interviews to be ignored and my attempts to follow up also ignored.

To be honest as of right now I have had enough trying to deal with people who lack the common courtesy to respond to something after saying they would, I can't stand people who break confidences and think that their word is unimportant. This is a free site with no ads so I'm not in the position to offer money only publicity so I do rely on someone's word instead of a legal team to sue when someone breaks a contract. I do not know how long this break will be but I promise if I decide to make it permanent of it goes on more than a month I will post an update explaining what I will do next.

Thanks to the fans who keep checking out our posts we appreciate it greatly.

Just sharing a picture of Debbie Kaye from Debbie Kaye Fitness as an example of someone who was wonderful to work with and who kept in touch with the team if only every interview went as smoothly as hers.

Sexy Female Abs


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