Sunday, 20 October 2013

Qimmah Russo, Unique Name Hot Body

Qimmah Russo is something else I mean take one look at her. So I did you guys a solid and found at least some of her online presence. This girl is hot enough that I almost want to go join instagram to add to her legions of creepers, I mean followers. Anyway check out her links and then those beautiful pictures.

Qimmah Russo


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Park Soo Hee 8 Pack Abs, YES 8

Well I have to catch up as I have left you guys hang for so long so here is another new post this time featuring another amazing South Korean fitness model by the name of Park Soo Hee. And if you were wondering then yes as far as I can see she has an 8 pack.

Prepare Yourself for Jeong Mi Hyeon

No seriously this fine athlete is hot enough to boil the liquid in your eyeballs. Her name is Jeong Mi Hyeon and she seems to be from South Korea other than that it was very hard to track down details about her other than the fact she seems to be a Fitness competitor.

Those heels in the last picture are a weird touch just saying.

Sexy Female Abs


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