Saturday, 10 September 2011

Quick Update: WOW

Saw it thought of you guys. I talked to this particular girl on Stickam once when they came on to publicise their dance troupe. Stunning and pretty funny too.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bikini Bottoms and a Tube Top

So this site goes through phases sometimes going with Female Bodybuilders who manage to combine curves and muscles, sometimes to figure models who are all about looking great in bikinis and occasionally we just happen to find cute girls with slim bodies. I think of all of these are examples of sexy abs, true they are not all sixpacks or ripped with definition but they are always a step above the average slim girl you might see down the beach or in the magazines.

This is a young girl who seems to have had quite a following I am guessing from YouTube or something I am not entirely sure but I'm thinking you the viewers will soon figure out why she was so popular. Oh and there is sound which is always a bonus in my opinion.

So what did you think. Comments go down there.

Sexy Female Abs


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