Thursday, 21 November 2013

Interview Special: ANGELA RADU

So I'm always asking you fine readers to bear with me while I scour the globe looking for models to interview. Well wait no more as I have delivered so let me introduce you to Angela Radu in an exclusive interview we did recently so no need to listen to me check out the interview.

How old are you?
When did you start working out and why?
Last year, wanted to build more muscle. I loved the feeling of being strong and smashing whatever stereotypes there were of girls being weak.
Do you do any sports?
Tell us about your regular workout routine?
Right now I'm focusing on abs, back and legs. I just go to the gym, do some machines for my back, do a lot do weighted sit-ups and planks for my abs, and for my legs I do squats and lunges (weighted)
Any actor/actresses physiques that you admire?
Michelle Lewin is amazing, definite idol of mine.
Does your training regime leave you enough time for leisure such as non-athletic hobbies, going out etc? If so what else do you like to do?
It does leave me with extra time, but that's usually spent on school related things and cheerleading.

Have you got any favourite bands and if so who are they?
The Amity Affliction, 3 doors down, new found glory, arctic monkeys.
Do you have any favourite TV shows?
Parks and recreation, arrow, community, game of thrones.
Those days when you may not be ill or injured but just don’t want to train what is it that motivates you to do it anyway?
I just look at how far I've come and remind myself that I have plenty more to do before I'll be 100% satisfied. Also my gym partner wouldn't allow it, he's very determined to get fit and won't leave me behind.

Please list your social network links so our fans can follow you.
Finally do you have any messages for our readers?
You are changing even if you can't physically see the results, never give up.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Young, Hot and Athletic.

Been awhile since the last post so I thought I would show you guys some love. Below I have gathered up some examples of young athletic girls that I hope you'll enjoy. Comments are certainly welcome people though I am definitely loving how good are viewing figures are doing recently please spread the name of our blog far and wide we need to raise our profile and with that hopefully we will start getting a lot more successful requests for interviews so we can make the site even better.

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Sexy Female Abs


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