Sunday, 21 March 2010

Stick It RULES

Randomly at home on the weekend (far too frequent an occurrence for me) I stumbled across this film, who knew every now and then BBC2 actually put on something worth watching. Also I'll quickly mention that on Five USA Dean Koontz's Frankenstein was on, which was later made into a series of books and Koontz is one of my favourite writers, I digress.

Basically Stick it is a fairly Disney like tale of second chances and gymnastics with the lovely Missy Peregrym whom you may know from the now cancelled Reaper. Well this came out a couple of years before that show and shows her in a new toned light, she is ripped in this movie and looks convincing as a young gymnast with attitude.

I'm not going to talk to you about plot and critique the movie we are ab fans and we get plenty of that in this particular movie. So go out and look it up on play or something definitely worth the £4-5 it will cost.

Hope to bring you new sexy pictures soon.

Sexy Female Abs


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