Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tina Nguyen Is Terrific

One of the most popular fitness models around on Social Media has to be Tina Nguyen I see her all the time on various sites and posts on fitness blogs but it took me awhile to track her down and figure out what her name was.

So feast your eyes on the inspiring Fitness Competitor and Fitness Model and then stay on for her social media links to show some love.#

Follow her on instagram @tinang13

Monday, 11 May 2015

CHU-MI KIM Is Amazing

Chu-Mi Kim is amazing I think it is pretty clear from taking a look at her and seeing all that dedication paying off.

I'm not a Korean language speaker so all I can really tell you is that she is a fitness model from Korea. Google translate isn't doing much in the way of helping so if we have any Korean speakers I would appreciate a decent translation.

Check out her images and a couple videos of her in action below.



And here we have a couple of videos I think you will enjoy.

You can follow Chu-Mi Kim on Instagram @jjumi111

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