Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Interview Special: ZilleFitness

So we have been teasing this for more than a year and thanks to a bit of luck and perseverance. So below you will find the interview that we did a few days ago. I hope you guys like the results if you want to learn more about her check the linkety links at the bottom of our post.

So hey there can you introduce yourself to the followers of the Bog and tell us a little about you.

Hey! My name is Cecilie and my fitness name is Zille :) I'm 22 years old and I've played soccer for 15 years. I also played on the national u19 team, but 2 years ago I had a back injury which means that I had to quit. It was so tough to give up what I loved the most, but since Im a very active girl I decided to start going to the gym more often. And now I can't live without it! My goals with fitness is to become a fitness model one day, and to show people that a girl can have muscles and still be feminine :) 

Who do you take inspiration from could you name 3 female celebrities whose physiques you respect?

My all time favorite motivation is Jamie Eason. I remember when I first started out on Bodyspace (5 years ago) I wrote her, she wrote me back and complimented on my abs - I was so excited lol. 
Now I really admire Erin Simmons, I dont think too many knows her, but she's so strong and looks close to what I wanna look like. Checkout her sick abs!
The last one is someone I just recently found out about, her name is Bella Falconi also known as VitaFlex. Her body is breathtaking, and she's so healthy .. She really inspires me :)

So you have a background in football? Can you tell us a little about how that helped you get toned?

I've played football since I was 6years old, and I had abs since I was 10. I'm pretty sure football has a lot to do with it. I played 5times a week so every muscle in my body was really tight. We did a lot of cardio training, so I'm pretty sure thats how I Got my abs, and of course good genetics :)

How does  it feel to be part of a popular website with quite a lot of personal fans?

I really appreciate that I got the opportunity from an old friend Jason Lynch. The Muscle Appeal is a great site for everyone who likes women with muscles. I'm sure The Muscle Appeal is a good Way for me to reach my goals of becoming a fitness model.

Finally do you have a message for your fans who visit this blog?

To everybody who reads this blog and to my fans, thank you so much! 
Without you it wouldnt be as much fun. Sometimes when the motivation is bad, the fans always makes me remember why I love what I do. Its important for me to inspire people. 
 -aspire du inspire.
Sometimes I notice that I make people wanna go to the gym and Live a healthier lifestyle!
- thank you for all the support I really appreciate it :)

You can like ZilleFitness at her Facebook Page

Friday, 20 July 2012



We here at SEXY FEMALE ABS have managed to get ourselves an interview with one of our lovely featured models. Keep checking back because in the next few days we should be bringing you the completed interview. Suffice it to say we are very excited about this and we hope you will be too.

In case you were wondering who the lucky girl is here is a hint.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cassie is AWESOME!!!

In other news I still feel like I have something in my eye. That is of no consequence though because I have a young lady here today that defies explanation. In some ways I am jealous in how much she seems to just go with working out as an enjoyable activity but you can't stay mad at a form as near perfect as hers.

Sexy Female Abs


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