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INTERVIEW: Dancer Polina Lopsky

Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview.

01 Can you introduce yourself to our readers? (Name, Age etc.)

I'm Polina Lopsky, 16 years old. I live in Russia in a city called Ekaterinburg, its huge.

02 Have you always been a fitness fanatic or was there something that made a change in your life?

I was doing sports for as long as I can remember, at the age of 4 my mom signed me yp to gymnastics and to ballet dancing, I've quit gymnastics at the age of 10, but I always loved dancing. I always switched the dance lessons, so I was dancing ballet, tango, hip hop and modern jazz. I liked hip hop and modern jazz the most so I sticked with it. This summer I'm supposed to finish dancing school and get a diploma.

03 When did you start working out?

Well as a dancer I have to be in shape and eat helthy. I started taking my fitness seriously when I was about 11 years old, when I noticed that all the girls in my class are like sticks and I'm a little chubby.

04 Please tell us about your regular workout routine.

Every morning, right as I wake up I stretch my whole body, even my fingers haha. Then I do some push ups, squats, sit ups and lift little wights. I give extra attention to my back when I stretch it because a few months ago I fell off the stage and I had an injury. At the end of my morning workout I get in a lotus poaition and just relax. Without the morning workout my day feels empty and sad... at the evening I do some more stretches, right before I get into bed, and that's it. I've been tought to do so by my grandfather, he's 70 and is healthy as a teen, so I hope I'll be like him thanks to this routine ;) I have to mention that I never have been at the gym.

05 Who do you take inspiration from? Can you name 3 female celebrities whose physiques you respect

Cara Delevigne, she's amazing in all possible ways, she inspire me and I want to be like her when I grow up. The second celeb is Mila Kunis, I mean, how can you NOT love her? Shes over 30 and she looks like a 17 year old girl, plus she's Ukrainian so she's close to me ;) haha. The third one is the one and only Christina Aguilera. She is absolutely gorgeous, and she can lose 30 pounds in like a week, maybe it's because of all the money she has, but you have to say that it's impressive how fast she can gain and lose weight.

06 Do you do any sports? Could you tell us a little about that?

Yes I do, as I said earlier, I dance and do gymnastics for fun at home, so nobody can see me haha

07 What are your favourite TV shows?

Nikita, a show about a super spy asian chick which is absolutely amazing, starring Maggie Q (another really fit female). Another show I LOVE is the walking dead, how can you not love it? Haha

08 Do you feel that there is beginning to be a change in the media's image of the female body and is that change for the better?

In Russia people don't talk enough about fitness, so you can imagine that female body is not even a topic here, ever..

09 Do you have a special message for your new fans on the blog

Not really.. But I love them :P haha

10 Have you got any favourite bands and if so who are they?

I like "the pretty reckless" alot, they're so good! And I like another band that I like but it's a Russian band called "nrrvi" (nerves), they have songs that say how stupid girls are and stuff, I don't know why but I find these songs really good lol

11 Does your training regime leave you enough time for leisure such as non-athletic hobbies, going out etc? If so what else do you like to do?

I have TONS of free time, I like to talk with my friends all day long so my schedule looks kinda like this: wake up, stretch and workout, brush teeth wash face etc, eat, get dressed, put on makeup, fix my hair, go to school, get back, eat, do homework while talking with friends, talk with friends, talk with friends, eat, shower, stretch and workout, get in bed and talk to friends until 3 am. I have dance only 4 times a week, for 3 hours at the evening.

12 Tell us about your online presence.

Russians don't usually use FaceBook, ee use VK, but I use it only for my closest friends... so you can follow me on Instagram and talk to me on kik :)

Instagram: _pollop_ Kik: pol_lop

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