Sunday, 21 February 2016

ACTOR ATHLETICISM: Rachele Brooke Smith

This is actress, dancer and athlete Rachele Brooke Smith who I would like to introduce you to today. I had seen her before on Glee when she appeared as one of the dancers in the first Britney Spears themed episode that they did. Her physique was more than a bit distracting poor Lea Michele must have felt outshined.

Those abs are amazing aren't they, they are even more breathtaking in motion.

I barely have words and after seeing that you don't really need to hear from me so let me just leave with some photos and her social media links at the bottom. Remember if you like what you see here, comment, share and visit our other portals links on the right of the site. Thanks for visiting.

Follow Rachele on Instagram @RBrookeSmith
Twitter @RacheleBSmith

Sexy Female Abs


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