Monday, 6 December 2010

A Dark Time for Our Blog and our partners

Unfortunately it has come to my attention that there are blogs out there directly stealing our content and passing it off as their own. I find this unacceptable, yeah it is easy to do but it is just as easy to say where something is coming from and help out a fellow hard working blog.  I'm not sure what the next step is, I don't want to head down the route of watermarking all the images we use because in my opinion that ruins the beauty of the women on show but I'll not work my ass off just for some loser out there to copy my work and grow rich off it.

For now the blog remains open but we shall see. Also if any of you fans out there see someone copying our content please drop a message either as a comment on this or e-mail I could really do with your help.

I also want to thank you the fans for your support of my blog it means a lot to me and keeps me coming back to supply you with the fittest and hottest ladies possible.


GWM said...

So is this really YOUR content? You took the pics? Or are they pics you found somewhere else? I understand that you would want credit for passing the pics on, but is that really necessary? I'm not being antagonistic, just curious.

Shaft said...

These are my pics no not lucky enough to have taken them but unless they are reposts from Youtube or another video site they have not been on a site like mine, they come direct from the girls' profiles from any of a number of social networking sites. If they are reposts from a blog I will at least give them a link so people can head there and check out what they are doing.

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