Monday, 27 December 2010

And we're back in 3-2-1... GO

Well I hope your holiday times were good and hopefully I find you well. I am sorry that we have been so quiet for the past few weeks. I was not sure where I was going with the blog and recent developments made me wonder if I should just knock this blog on the head and move on to greener pastures. I decided to keep going though as our little niche finding gorgeous hard bodied young women is extremely hard to find on the Internet especially without having to pay for the content.

So enough of me chatting about rubbish onto a couple of videos brought to us by the kind folks at YouTube which is probably the best place to find girls with abs but it can take awhile filtering out the crap.

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Eye said...

I really like this photoshoot, the model's got this little 'something' which makes it very dramatic and interesting.
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Sexy Female Abs


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