Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Updates & Plans

So if you have been paying attention across all our Social Media you would have noticed that I have started trying to sell T-shirts. It is just starting out but I hope it will provide something new and creative plus heck it would seriously help with the bills if I could get this off the ground.

So I find myself asking for your support and input on making this a success. It is going to be awhile before I come back with new T-shirt designs as I am working on things like branding the new clothing line and figuring out what site I will use.

I apologise in advance if the posts are not as frequent while I work this out but I need to balance this with trying to support myself.

Anyway enough of me talkingyou readall that so please enjoy this short video of Alicia Marie known as @AliciaMarieBody on Twitter and @AliciaMarieBody on Instagram.

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