Saturday, 7 March 2015

Break Time Over Now Back To Posting Awesome

After a lot of stress from the On and Off line worlds I needed to take a bit of break from things but now I'm back so let's get some great content out there.

Pretty sure that is Zille of ZilleFitness who has unforunately disappeared from the scene after signing for a certain fbb fitness model website that I saw around selling videos. I was lucky enough to do an interview with the talented and gorgeous football player which you can check out here.

This is also from Zille not sure if I have featured this particular one before though. Not sure how that video was taken as it seems like a screen capture? Maybe while she was working as a model for that site?

And this is just some crazy dancing girl apparently from Thailand that I found on YouTube with really tight abs. Enjoy

Sexy Female Abs


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