Saturday, 9 June 2012


Sorry guys I know you were expecting to see some abs courtesy of a few hot celebrities but I thought this needed to be mentioned before too much time has passed. Unfortunately I have to announce the death of our YouTube channel, apparently the content from us and our partners is deemed to racy for their site which is bullshit but whatever. I have decided that I will not be remaking the channel as it is not worth the hassle and it would simply be better to focus on more content either through the blog or through another less prudish video site. Thanks for the views you gave the YouTube account your time is appreciated.

Anyway after such a downer I need to produce a silver lining in this dark cloud so here it is. I am thinking a lot of you viewers out there make use of Facebook, I myself try to keep my use of it down to a bare minimum but I am not an idiot and know that it is still incredibly popular what with the stock issuing and all. Anyway if you do have Facebook you might want to check out

I think the name speaks for itself but if you need further proof check out below.

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