Wednesday, 12 January 2011

An Update + A Hit To The Community

Before we get to the hotness I just have to let you guys know that we lost an excellent provider of hot ab content. FitFemWorld has seemingly ceased to exist the web address has lapsed and it does not look like it is returning. There were so many great contributors to that site including a few amateur female bodybuilders and athletes. I just hope the rest of the community can step up so we can continue to get our content. Anyway enough of the negative let us move on to some positive.

Here we have Chloe who I think may have been featured on our sister blog but I can't be sure anyway she is more than deserving of a space here so check her out and I think you'll agree. As for your intrepid blogger after this post I am immersing myself into the hunt to get you the hot hard bodies you need.

An impressive site I think you will agree? Anyway I will have to blog you and leave you hope your 2011 is shaping up ok despite all the shootings and floodings and what not.

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